PRF Education Program
and Course Overview


In this section, you will find an introduction to our online PRF education program giving you an interesting insight into the science behind Bio-PRF and useful tutorials for dental clinical application. In this, you will also learn about the different protocols like C-PRF, e-PRF, Alb-PRF and how the Bio-Heat technology changes the way PRF membranes are used in dentistry, regenerative medicine, and cosmetic medicine.

You will also find an overview of courses in Europe as well as abroad.



Course overview


Soft Tissue Management

Gum Drop Technique
Copenhagen 25.6.2020
Lecture by Delia Tuttle D.D.S, MD


Facial Aesthetics 

Pure Facial Aesthetics with Bio-Filler
Copenhagen 13-14.8.2020
Lecture by Richard MIRON, DDS, MSc, PhD, Dr. med. dent.
Dr. Catherine Davies, MD, MBA


PRF Education Courses

Bio-PRF Course
Copenhagen 15.8.2020
Lecture by. Dr. Rick Miron, DDS, Mcs. PhD


Advanced PRF Education – online

Advanced PRF Education is an online platform that was created to meet the large demand for doctors, dentists and related-staff to learn the advantages of Platelet Rich Fibrin in regenerative dentistry, medicine, and facial esthetics!

Course outline:

Key concept 1: Biology of Wound Healing
Key concept 2: Understanding Platelet Concentrates
Key concept 3: Unboxing and Programming a PRF system
Key concept 4: Basics of Phlebotomy

Key concept 5: Clinical Indications of PRF
Key concept 6: Use of PRF in Facial Esthetics
Key concept 7: Understanding PRF Tubes
Key concept 8: Harvesting C-PRF and Alb-PRF


See the introduction video below

Online Training Program

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